About Abigail

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I began working with energy over twenty years ago. I initially trained and qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner, then trained in Spiritual Healing and later in Reiki.

I work intuitively, combining Reiki and Spiritual healing, with elements of Shiatsu theory. I use the chakra and meridian systems and work within the body’s energy field.

I describe the healing work I do as Energy therapy because my role, as I see it, is not only to channel healing energy from the highest level, but to help smooth and balance my clients’ energy, bringing about greater flow and creating space for beneficial change.

I am a qualified Reiki practitioner and a registered Healer Member of The Healing Trust (MNFSH)   http://www.thehealingtrust.org.uk

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For several years, I worked for a Surestart Centre in South London, offering healing to parents of young children.

In the last few years, I worked with a colleague giving Healing and Shiatsu massage to children with autism in a specialist centre.

I also trained as a medium for several years.

I have treated people with a wide range of emotional and physical issues. My intention is to help my clients feel more comfortable and at ease within themselves.

To get an idea of the benefits and results, take a look at what my clients say.