“Abigail has, in my opinion, a special gift to make one feel better, both physically and mentally. She is a force for good”

“I don’t pretend to know or understand how, but Abigail gave me the strength, support and space to heal holistically.                                                  She is a wonderful person to have in your life and I cannot thank her enough for her timely and angelic intervention.”

“I feel I am closer to the person I have wanted to be – less resentful, stressed or cross. Happier and kinder, softer and more open. It’s like something has cleared. I’m very grateful.”

I come away from sessions feeling bolstered, nurtured, peaceful, calm and often with a greater understanding or new perspective on things”.

“Abigail is a tonic all by herself”

“Thank you, it’s fantastic, like magic.
I feel back in my own skin, on top of things again.”

“A weight was lifted from me”

“It feels like psychological massage”

“I feel so at one with myself, so at peace”