“Abigail has, in my opinion, a special gift to make one feel better, both physically and mentally. She is a force for good”

“I don’t know what you do, but it feels great,
such a lovely feeling”

“Thank you, it’s fantastic, like magic.
I feel back in my own skin, on top of things again”

“I didn’t have any particular expectations… but I didn’t expect this.
After a few days, a week, I realised I was different with my husband and my children: softer, more open.
I feel I am closer to the person I have wanted to be – less resentful, stressed or cross. Happier, and kinder.
It’s like something has cleared. I’m very grateful.
I will definitely go back to Abigail… I’m thinking of it as a regular MOT.”


“Something more profound than just deep relaxation”

“Abigail is a tonic all by herself”

“This saved my sanity in the tough weeks”

“It gives me a deep sense of relaxation, seems to put things in perspective and gives me an overall feeling of calm”

“a feeling of sanctuary”

“a weight was lifted from me”

“Talking through things and the energy work has helped me so much, I feel a lot better these days”

“I feel so at one with myself, so at peace”

“It feels like psychological massage”