The experience and cost

After an initial chat about your circumstances, you will lie on a couch, fully clothed, with your eyes closed.

I work with my hands, mostly at a distance from the body.

Although each session is different, you are likely to experience a feeling of stillness, calm, release and a greater sense of perspective. Whatever you feel will be appropriate to your needs at the time.

I am able to gain insights and bring inspired messages of support through while I work and will pass those on at the end of the session where appropriate.

To feel the most benefit, I usually recommend a course of several sessions. Energy patterns can be deeply entrenched and over time, the mind and body can process the changes and better assimilate the transformative power of healing energy.

The session is completely confidential and lasts about an hour and a quarter.

A session costs £55 (£30 concession).

I also offer gift vouchers.

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